Keep The Port In Local Hands

make history

This is your chance to own the port!

This community-based bid is simply about trying to keep the port in local ownership.

We’ve created a community model of shareholders, compromising of mum-and-dad investors throughout North Queensland, along with superannuation funds.


What this means you:

Along with other community members, you become a shareholder in a large asset, which generates a proven return. An asset which has been instrumental in Townsville’s history and will continue to be in the future.

Peace of mind knowing that the port will invest into our region, benefit the community, provide jobs and stimulate business and trade directly. If we don’t grab this opportunity, the risk to our future jobs and economy is huge.


We’re safeguarding the port for future generations to come.

It’s our port, keep it in our hands.


securing the port for our region’s future

These key steps are not dissimilar to those proven processes implemented by over 330 communities nationwide wishing to establish a community operated Bendigo Bank Branch.

What You Can Do